Our Mission

We provide intervention to struggling readers and spellers of all ages and create for them pathways to success. We continuously explore cutting edge research concerning dyslexia, learning differences and neurodiversity to understand it on a deeper level and spread awareness. We strive to empower all minds and transform our students into fearless readers

Who we are:

We are mothers, learners, professionals, and researchers who are passionate about helping the incredible children we serve reach their full potential.

What we do:

We exclusively work one-on-one in-home, in-school or online with your bright, but struggling reader/speller to provide the tools they need to confidently and fearlessly approach reading in a new way.


We use a tested and proven, research-based, Orton-Gillingham program which tackles reading and spelling in a step by step, mastery-oriented way.  This takes the guesswork out so that reading and spelling become a logical, tear-free process.

Who we help:

We specialize in working with children who struggle with spelling, not just reading. They spend hours studying for spelling tests but never retain those words. They can't spell when writing sentences and stories – even those high frequency words like “because,” “friend,” and “does.” They can't remember that a sentence has to start with a capital letter and have punctuation.


Our students can read, but have difficulty sounding out any unknown words (even if they were taught phonics). As a young child they had a hard time learning to tie their shoes and still have enormous difficulty memorizing things (like their address, phone number, and math facts).


If this sounds like your child click below to learn how we can help.       

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