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Ready to take the next step and get your child started on the pathway to success? Click the button above and we'll send you our Virtual Consultation Series via email. In this video series we will explain step by step how we will teach your child to read and spell - all while building confidence and having fun.

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"Fearless Readers has been a blessing for my son. He began the Barton System intervention program, which is a highly effective program, at his previous school. Unfortunately, my children had to switch schools due to my new job, and my son's new school did not use the same dyslexia intervention program. Knowing the amount of growth that he had made with the Barton System, I was determined to find someone to continue the Barton System program with him. Luckily, I heard about Fearless Readers, and my son was able to continue the program. He worked with Mrs. Baker throughout this past school year and recently completed Book 8 of the program. Mrs. Baker is kind, professional, personable, knowledgeable, dependable, organized, and is a fantastic teacher. He and I have both loved working with her! I highly recommend her and Fearless Readers if you are looking for reading, spelling, or dyslexia services."

- Shawna L.

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"Dear Mothers of children with learning differences,

You aren't only a mother. You, my beautiful friend, you are a warrior.

A warrior is defined as a person who has shown great vigor, courage, or aggressiveness.

Warriors are mighty. They are brave. They are relentless. Warriors are consumed with and driven by a passion unlike any other. They persist in the face of hopelessness until they can see hope. They are feared. They are respected. Warriors fight not for themselves, but for those who cannot fight on their own.

You are a warrior.

In some ways, your story is vastly different from the stories of other warriors. But in some ways, they are the same.

This warrior educated herself and prepared for the battle she knew was coming. She has likely spent years teaching herself all about her child's learning difference. She has scoured the shelves of libraries and bookstores, purchased every audiobook, and spent countless late nights in forums absorbing and learning everything she can.

This warrior taught herself to advocate. She researched laws, she consulted professionals near and far. She attended countless school meetings. She pushed teachers and staff to do more. She never settled for "he/she won't be able to do this." She knew in her soul her child could do amazing things.

Long sleepless nights. Exhaustion. Anxiety. Frustration. Worry. Stress. She would choose to face it all a million times over because she is a warrior. Consumed by love and devotion, nothing will stand in her way.

We see you moms. We appreciate everything you do. You are heroes and you deserve all the hugs, kisses, and thank yous you receive. Take comfort in knowing that you are doing an incredible job and your children will absolutely do amazing things because they have the most amazing role model standing next to them."

Learn to read and spell with confidence