Our Process

We get it.


We know your child is not "just lazy." We know how bright your child is and we understand your confusion about why they just don't seem to get reading like the other kids, despite their numerous talents and gifts. 

We are all too familiar with the struggle you have likely been through with getting them effective help at school, or with even getting someone to listen to you at all. 

We have heard the frustration of parents who knew their child was struggling in the 1st grade, but weren't tested until the 3rd grade because they weren't failing badly enough, or because "it's developmental. They'll grow out of it."

We get it.

Here's how it works:

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We like to meet our future families in person to review our program process in depth and answer any questions you may have. Once you are ready to move forward, we will work out scheduling details, select a start date and take payment. 


Our sessions are one-on-one and occur in your home either with a coach physically present or virtually. We feel this provides a comfortable and relaxed environment for students, and also allows parents the opportunity to listen in from a distance. Our sessions are 50 minutes long and can be scheduled for 2 - 5 times weekly. 

Our virtual sessions are available to students across the country.

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Communication between the parent and coach is key to ensure the student’s success.  We are happy to share brief updates and observations after each session. We will also schedule a standing meeting every other month for 30 minutes of the student’s regularly scheduled session to dive deeper into the his/her overall progress. 

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