"How Dyslexia is a Different Brain, Not a Disease." By Holly Korbey

New to dyslexia? Need a refresher on what it is and isn't? Wondering how our program will help a child with dyslexia? Head on over to this article! Read and share with everyone you know. Together we can do away with all of the myths surrounding dyslexia and help people to realize this isn't a disease that needs curing. It's simply a difference in the way the brain is wired. With the right instruction, children with dyslexia can reach their full potential. "Yet, with explicit and systematic specialized instruction specifically for the different brain structure, the reading circuit can be re-trained to work toward fluidity. But first, students, parents, and teachers must understand that the dyslexic’s brain isn’t “broken” or deficient, just organized in a different way." https://www.kqed.org/mindshift/54872/how-dyslexia-is-a-different-brain-not-a-disease

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