If you are looking for a quick and fun game to incorporate into your sessions- this is a fun one. Played just like the traditional Connect Four where players take turns claiming spots to get four in a row. We make this game educational by putting words on each of the spots with a missing letter that must be filled in by the student before they claim it. We include 1 filled-in game ready to play (see photos) along with 2 blank templates so you can create your own versions to play over and over again.  



What's included:

- Everything you need in one quick digital download!

- Connect Four in a Google Slides presentation that is set up and ready to go. Easily customize the templates. 

- Copies of all images for both Google Slides and use in other virtual programs such as PowerPoint or Miro. You can create your own versions over and over again to apply to any lesson, subject, or student. 


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Connect Four - Holiday Version