At Fearless Readers we love to keep our virtual sessions fun and engaging. If you are looking for fun, visually appealing ways to capture your student's attention - look no further. We know your students will love this new take on review games - an escape room challenge. This game can also be used to teach a new lesson or concept. It is completely customizable. Check out a sneak peek video below in the Images & Videos section. 


Game Mission:

“You were at school late one evening studying in the library for your big test. You lost track of time and it is 9pm! You quickly pack up your backpack and head for the door. You realize the door is locked! The janitor must have locked up the building and not realized you were still inside. The janitor can be quite forgetful at times. In fact, he has a hard time remembering the code for the lock on the door. Lucky for you, he has hidden pieces of the code throughout the school. Now you must find them! Choose which room you’d like to start searching first. Each room contains one piece of the code. Answer your teachers questions correctly to earn a chance to check behind an object in that room. Some objects may contain puzzles or obstacles to complete before you can continue.” 


What's included:

- Everything you need in one quick digital download!

- A link to save your copy of the Google Slides game

- How-to videos with directions for setup and play

- Images and sound clips used in each of the rooms just in case they are accidentally deleted


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Escape the School

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