This mini game is a perfect way to break up your sessions and encourage your students to voluntarily do a little extra practice. You read that right - many students actually ask to do more work in order to gain pieces to build their sundae! Play this game on its own, or, add it to your Candy Town board game to be played instead of or in addition to the Build a Banana Split mini game. We hope you enjoy this freebie!


About the download:

Your download will consist of a PDF document with a link to gain access to this game in Google Slides. To add these sundae items to your Candy Town game - just copy and paste.


How to play:

The instructor should choose an activity that the student needs more practice with. Every time that students complete the selected activity, he/she earns one piece to add to their sundae. The more work they do, the more delicious the sundae! Encourage the student to do more work by asking if they are done, or if they want to try to get a few more toppings. 


Add pieces to the sundae by copying your selected topping on the toppings slide and pasting it onto the slide with the bowl. (Note: to change the order of toppings, right click and select order. Now you can move toppings to the front or back). The student can drag the topping around and place it where they want. 


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Build a Sundae Mini-Game

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