Are you looking for a really fun activity to help teach and reinforce Phonemic Awareness? Or maybe you are looking for activities to add to your Foundation in Sounds (or similar program) sessions? Look no further!


We designed these fun I Spy activities to be played as short breaks or warm-ups during your lessons. Each individual activity page has a unique and visually appealing scene as well as a certain theme that the game is centered around. These activities help develop phonemic awareness by having the student search for images in each activity that start with a given sound. 


We originally created this to accompany Foundation in Sounds but it is so versatile that it can be used with almost any program or even by itself to get a jump start on developing pre-reading skills.


Because this activity was created for Foundation in Sounds, only the sounds presented in this program are used. We also added /h/ as a bonus. /qu/, /w/, /x/, /y/ and /z/ are not included. Mostly because there are very few age-appropriate words that begin with this sound so it would be difficult to create activity pages for them.


What's included in the digital download: 

68 total I Spy activity pages with answer keys. We have included both PDF's and also PNG's. You will also receive a link to access these as a Google Slides presentation. See our videos above for tips on using these in a virtual setting.  



You are welcome to print these images for your own personal or professional use. These images should not be printed and given away to others. We created these as high-quality PDF's for print purposes. For best results, print at a local print shop. We also recommend laminating them or placing into page protectors so your students can circle their answers with a dry erase marker. 


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I Spy for Phonemic Awareness - For Educators

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  • Upon completion of purchase, you will receive a zip file to download to your computer. The zip files will contain a series of PDF documents of the games, all titled with the corresponding lesson. It will also contain directions for the game and a few variations.