“It's almost Christmas Eve and the Elves are all busy finalizing Santa's sleigh for his departure. One last thing is needed before Santa and the Reindeer can be on their way. The magical Reindeer dust. This magical dust is what the Reindeer need to fly - and it is missing! 


Santa's head Elf is becoming more and more forgetful these days. Last year he reset the combination for the safe where it is kept, and now he can't remember the combination. He does remember that he hid notes with pieces to the combination around Santa's workshop though! Unfortunately, he can't remember exactly where those notes are at. As Santa's Chief of Security, it is your job to search each room for the missing pieces to the code."


What's included:

- Everything you need in one quick digital download!

- A link to save your copy of the Google Slides game

- How-to videos with directions for setup and play

- Images and sound clips used in each of the rooms just in case they are accidentally deleted


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Santa's Big Mystery

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