Virtual Dyslexia Intervention

How it works

Virtual coaching is a convenient and economical solution to reading and spelling intervention. We work hard to make our sessions engaging, personal and fun so that just about any student can achieve success, even those with attention challenges. By offering virtual sessions we are able to assist students across the country. All the student needs is a home computer, school computer or laptop and wireless internet connection. We take care of the rest. 

Check out a sample online session...

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Our coaches develop a personal relationship with their students by spending a minute or two at the beginning of the session asking about their weekend, their day, or asking an ice breaker question. We also use an awesome virtual program that allows us to build words with tiles on the computer screen, just as we would in person. 

We believe learning should be fun and engaging so we often incorporate games.

Personal Touch

Our coaches are more than just a random face on a screen. We encourage our coaches to always go the extra mile. Whether it is sending a handwritten note of encouragement to the student, emailing the parents about a new accomplishment or bonding with the student over a shared interest - we're always looking for ways to connect. 

We also value your feedback. We encourage you to share it with us and we will frequently reach out to check in.


Imagine picking your child up after school and driving across town multiple times a week for hour long tutoring sessions. We don't like to imagine it either.

Instead, regain your commute time and spend it as a family enjoying dinner together or just relaxing. Some of our parents are able to work it out with their schools so that the child is able to meet with us during the school day.  This is an ideal option and allows you to take advantage of the  early bird discount. 


Often times when parents hear "online/virtual sessions" they think of work conference meetings with horrible connection or of putting their child in front of a video or ap for an hour. Our virtual program isn't like that at all. Our internet connection requirements are standard in most homes and schools. Rarely do internet connection issues cause a problem. Schedule a consultation and we can give you an in-depth overview of what to expect in our sessions. 

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